Trucking HR program targets young people

OTTAWA, Ont. – Trucking HR Canada has launched an initiative to help better attract young people to the industry.

Career ExpressWay will be funded through the federal government’s Youth Employment and Skills Strategy, Trucking HR said Tuesday.

Trucking HR

The program offers driver training subsidies of up to $10,000 per student, and wage subsidies of up to $15,000.

Working with tight timelines, the program will give priority to Top Fleet Employers, Trucking HR said.

All interested employers are, however, encouraged to apply.

“As the Canadian economy looks to rebound from Covid-19, we need to ensure we have skilled workers supporting the continued flow of goods through Canada’s supply chain,” said CEO Angela Splinter.

“This government investment in supporting training and wage subsidies is certainly a good start in helping connect young people to stable, meaningful, and essential jobs that pay well.”

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