New mobile app helps workers and employers access WorkSafeBC’s COVID-19 resources on the go

Like many other essential services, trucking companies had to act quickly to protect their workers, do their part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, and continue to operate safely.

For many employers in the trucking industry, accessing health and safety information can be challenging due to the fact that their business rarely involves sitting behind a computer at a desk. Often they’re in the warehouse, on a jobsite, or on the road, where smartphones and other mobile devices are their main source for information.

To help address this, WorkSafeBC has a new comprehensive app containing resources, industry specific guidance, and a COVID-19 safety plan template — all available to access from a smartphone or tablet.

The new app leverages the resources and information available on and has been created to provide an additional way for workers and employers to view the COVID-19 prevention information for their industry.

Employers are guided through the process of developing their COVID-19 safety plan within the app, and directed to industry-specific resources to help them do so. They’re then able to email their safety plan to themselves to print out later. Workers can select their industry in the app to see guidance and protocols relevant to their job.

Resources the trucking industry might find helpful include:

  • What to if you share your cab with another person or operate a pool vehicle
  • How to maintain safety while refueling
  • Tips on disinfecting and wearing personal protective equipment
  • How to navigate safety when delivering or picking up goods
  • And much more

By improving access to these valuable health and safety resources, this mobile industry now has access to information they need to stay healthy and safe.

The app is available for iOS and Android.

Want a desktop version? Stay up to date with COVID-19 information and resources at

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