Lion Electric partners with Geotab to develop LionBeat telematics

Lion Electric announced it has worked with Geotab to develop LionBeat Advanced EV Telematics, a telematics suite aimed at optimizing all aspects of electric fleet operations.

The LionBeat system is built on top of Geotab’s open platform, which gives fleets insights into real-time and historical data to improve safety, productivity and optimization. LionBeat will be installed on every Lion Electric vehicle, making the vehicles instantly telematics-compatible.

(Photo: Lion Electric)

“In developing LionBeat, we have created a unique purpose-built telematics solution specific to electric vehicles, and we saw Geotab as the ideal partner for this technology,” said Marc Bedard, CEO and founder of Lion Electric. “Not only is their expertise in the space second to none, but they also understand that EVs are the future and that collaboration with a segment leader such as Lion is key to leveraging critical data from electrified platforms – ultimately leading to cost savings for operators and increased efficiency.”

“In a world that is rapidly transitioning to electric vehicles, Geotab is committed to supporting businesses and fleets in achieving their electrification goals by providing customers with solutions that make environmental and economical sense,” added Neil Cawse, CEO at Geotab. “Geotab is excited to collaborate with OEMs like Lion Electric to provide the medium and heavy-duty vehicle industry with insights and tools needed to help customers make informed decisions and drive positive changes in operations and maintenance for the future.”

LionBeat will provide data on: electric vehicle performance management; charge prioritization; routing and dispatch; fleet management; driver management and training; maintenance and diagnostics; and advanced driver assistance systems.

It will also be able to integrate with fleets’ existing management software, incorporate live driver feedback, and tie into other vehicle sensors. LionBeat is available now.

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