Allison opens state-of-the-art test facility

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Allison Transmission has begun testing at its newly opened Vehicle Environmental Test (VET) center, which allows it to conduct testing in real-world and extreme conditions at one location.

“This facility is a direct reflection of our commitment to advancing new product development technologies and reducing time to market,” said Randy Kirk, senior vice-president, product engineering and program management at Allison Transmission. “The VET center will facilitate rapid product development for conventional, alternative fuel and electric vehicles, providing Allison and our customers an efficient and effective tool for next generation innovation and collaboration.”

(Photo: Allison Transmission)

The facility is 60,000 sq.-ft. and houses a hot soak chamber, cold soak chamber, and two chassis dyne-equipped environmental chambers which can simulate a range of duty cycles. Temperatures range from -54 F to 125 F, and altitudes of up to 18,000 feet can be simulated.

It can accommodate most commercial on- and off-highway vehicles, and can test conventional powertrains as well as alternative fuel powertrains, including fully-electric and hydrogen fuel cell. It sits on Allison’s global headquarters in Indianapolis, and the company claims it’s the first of its kind facility in the U.S. Midwest.

(Photo: Allison Transmission)

“We are excited to have this facility that will provide our customers and partners enhanced capabilities to conduct full-vehicle testing by replicating environments and duty cycles all in one centralized location, allowing them to bring new and innovative technology and vehicle systems to market faster and more efficiently. For players in our industry this translates into a competitive advantage, as innovation drives the industry forward,” said Rohan Barua, vice-president of North America sales for Allison Transmission.

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